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Newtech Asia Pacific Corporation


We Deliver Solutions

In 2007 we began with a vision to bring medical imaging to the Philippines, to help clinics and hospitals replace film with new technologies, to radically improve departmental workflows and expand the reach of radiology throughout the country.

Today, over 90 installations later, we continue to deliver world-class healthcare IT solutions and best-of-breed medical systems that the smallest clinic can afford and the largest hospital can rely on to deliver enterprise level performance and reliability.


For over 15 years many of the largest medical facilities ​in the Philippines have relied on Newtech provided medical IT ​solutions ​to run their mission critical applications.

What We Offer



The Newtech sales team is laser focused on one thing, Healthcare IT. Since 2007, we have been helping facilities large and small transition to new technologies, improve their efficiency and automate critical processes , reducing turn around times and increasing the bottom line.



If you are ready to implement state-of-the-art technologies, or upgrade to a new platform, we can help. Our experienced engineers and HL7 programmers can interface any existing platform or legacy system, and fully integrate your new streamlined workflow between virtually any systems.



​Solutions are only as good as their availability and technical support is what sets us apart. Newtech provided systems include 24/7/365 around the clock technical support and have achieved a full 99.99% system uptime over the last 15 years.​



​All Newtech products include onsite, remote and ongoing or annual technical training, to make sure our customers and their staff are up to speed on the latest functionality and know how to use all of their systems resources and capabilities.

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Our Mission

Newtech prides itself on technology competence. While others sell consumables, machines and the latest medical gadgets, Newtech is laser focused on Healthcare IT and enterprise imaging solutions.


Our mission is to deliver best-of-breed technologies at affordable rates and support our installed systems with truly personal service. From the smallest clinic to the largest hospital, we take care of our customers.

Our Services


Applications  Support

We provide end-to-end support for all of our installed applications.

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IT and Workflow

We can provide reliable IT support to augment your in-house resources.

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System Optimization

Our best-of-breed technology solutions allow us to interconnect.

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HL7 Programming

Our in-house HL7 team can interface with any communications platform. 

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Data Migration

Our experienced data migration team can migrate multiple data types.

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Network Security

Network security is the backbone of any IT solution.


Think Big

"Only the paranoid survive."

- Andy Grove, former Intel CEO

Installed Systems

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