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Our Services

Integration is our Business

If you have a single service or need a complex network of interconnected technologies, we can help. Our experienced sales team and network integration specialists can scope your project and deploy a complete, fully managed, IT solution specifically tailored to meet your needs and fit your budget.

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Applications  Support

We provide end-to-end support for all of our installed applications, including multi-vendor solutions and a broad range of technology plugins and extensions. 

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IT and Workflow

We can provide reliable IT support to augment your

in-house resources, and streamline your systems workflow to optimize inter-departmental efficiency.

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System Optimization

Our best-of-breed technology solutions allow us to interconnect with existing applications to highly optimize system performance throughout.

HL7 programming_15x.png

HL7 Programming

Our in-house HL7 team can interface with any communications platform or network, to establish and maintain connectivity and securely transport critical data.

Data Migration_15x.png

Data Migration

Our experienced data migration team can migrate multiple data types using ETL best practices to ensure data is securely transferred between various platforms.

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Network Security

Network security is the backbone of any IT solution. We conduct regular security audits to identify potential threats and manage a number anti-virus systems.

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